The Safety of Young Participants in Our Programs

Going to a CISV camp abroad or even in the US for up to a month is an exciting prospect for both the children who participate and their parents. We understand that it can be difficult to let your child go-naturally you want to be sure that your child will be looked after before, during and after the program.

We hope the material on our website will reassure you that it is our priority to ensure the safety of your child so that all have a positive and enriching experience. Here are three important means by which we keep each child safe.

1. Leaders are trained and risk management is professionally supported.

  • All leaders receive leadership training, using standardized training manuals, t0 prepare them to take care of your child and deliver our educational philosophy.
  • Training includes risk management.
  • A full risk assessment is conducted at the start of every program.
  • Furthermore, participants are required to carry insurance and provide detailed medical and health information on standardized forms.

2. Hosts and Leaders receive background screening

  • All children (under 16) travel with an adult leader over 21
  • Staff and leaders are locally selected and trained to international standards
  • Confidential references are reviewed locally
  • Hosting families are carefully screened CISV members.

3. Organizers are experienced volunteers

  • At CISV, many of our volunteers are parents themselves who have sent their children to CISV programs in other countries, are doing so now or even have been to a camp themselves when they were young.

Our educational philosophy is to give priority to children. More can be read at the national organization website

Please read our child protection policy. You can download a pdf of CISV International Child Protection Policy and Procedures