General Info

CISV Maine’s Junior Branch (JB) provides opportunities for youth ages 10-18 to become involved with CISV through monthly activities and Maine Mini Camp (MMC). Travel with CISV is not necessary to become involved with local activities.

Next activity is “A Day in the Life” on November 5, 2017

Monthly activities are usually held the first Sunday of the month 4:00 pm.
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Who Runs the JB?

Adult JB Advisor: Samantha Coltart
Local Junior Representative: Liza Gallandt
Junior LJR: Georgia Jones
Treasurer: Cole May
Secretary: Meredith Jones
Communications: Becca Gallandt
Members at Large: Ben Allan-Rahill, Itai Boss, Sam Slavin, Ana Neary, Braeden Ward, Ella Allan-Rahill, Krista Bass, Partick Tyne, Duncan Howell



Recent events
We had a great soccer game and JB activity to support the International Day of Peace in September. The Board has been meeting to plan “A Day in the Life” half day of activities that precedes our Chapter’s Showcase in November.


Peace One Day




For more information contact Samantha or Liza




2018 Maine Mini Camp will

be April 20th-22nd.

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